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5 Reasons to Sell Your Title Insurance Business with Crowne Atlantic Properties

Florida has always been a hot real estate market because of the constant flow of additional populations and businesses moving into the state on a consistent basis. Low interest rates and demand continue to drive real estate purchases, which means title insurance services are also in high demand. Selling your title insurance business now is certain to generate interest among business buyers who are either looking to break into the industry or are ready to expand their existing business.

The Orlando business brokers at Crowne Atlantic Properties look out for you and your best interests. We work with sellers to ensure they are getting the best price from qualified buyers. Here are 5 more reasons why buyers will be interested in purchasing your title insurance business.

5 Reasons Your Title Insurance Business Will Be Popular With Buyers

  1. Demand For Buying Florida Businesses Is High. There is a huge influx of people moving to our gorgeous and business friendly state every day. This is one reason why title insurance businesses are in such demand; there is always business to be had. Title insurance companies are ripe for consolidation and buyers are eager to reduce competition by grabbing as much market share as possible. When the opportunity arises, they jump on it.
  2. You Have a Diverse Referral Base. The most qualified and serious buyers know that a diverse referral base indicates a strong title insurance business. No one wants to invest in a title insurance company that receives the bulk of its business from one source because if that one source dries up, so does their business. A diverse referral base of builders, lawyers, buyers, brokers, and sellers is always a strong selling point. If you have this advantage, our Orlando business brokers will be sure to promote it.
  3. You Have Trained Staff Who Are Planning to Stay. Staffing is one of the toughest challenges in any business and in any industry. In the title insurance business having knowledgeable staff that have strong developed relationships with the aforementioned referral sources is a huge boon to the company and makes a strong selling point. If you have top-notch staff and they intend to stay on with the new owners, we’ll be sure to talk that up since this will make your business more attractive to buyers.
  4. You Write Policies For Multiple Providers. This is another in-demand value-add sales point. Title insurance businesses that write the policies, regardless of provider, are more attractive than those that do not because they allow new buyers to work with more providers and gain market share faster.
  1. The Infrastructure is in Place for Immediate Success. Buyers want cash flow and they want a quick turnaround on their investment. If you are the rainmaker of your company, you can help transition the business, and you have staff who can process the title work staying on after you leave, a new owner will have an easier time taking over the business.

Sell Your Title Insurance Business With Crowne Atlantic Properties

Crowne Atlantic Properties, LLC has been helping business owners sell their businesses since 2004. We are one of the Florida’s most trusted names in business brokerage because we deliver results time and time again. Learn more about selling a business in Florida here or contact us to discuss selling your Florida title insurance business.