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6 New Trends for Bars and Restaurants in Orlando, FL

Be on the lookout for new trends hitting bars and restaurants in 2014.  Because the Orlando and Central Florida area always has a ton of restaurants and bars it is very likely that you will see more and more menu items following these trends below:

1) More Mexican inspired items
Mexican food is becoming more trendy and more dynamic.  No longer are Mexican restaurants subject to out of the way stops on the side of the road or stereotyped as Taco Bell type restaurants.  With the rise in popularity of restaurants such as Moe’s Southwest Grill and Chipotle, more Mexican menu items can be found and more formal Mexican concepts can also be found.  Many believe that Chicken Tortilla Soup (Mexican inspired menu item) is now one of the most heavily order soups in the country.

2) Asian cuisine
Cuisine that features things such as Ramen and Sriracha sauce are becoming big.  Plus you can see that finding Teriyaki sauces and ginger dressings for salads are also more common in restaurants now such as Teriyaki flavored chicken wings.

3) Pickled Items
Pickled food items such as Kimchi are becoming popular.  Pickling is huge in Asia including places like Russia and Korea.

4) Craft soda
You’ve heard of craft beer!  Its the same concept except now they are doing it with soda.  These are many times found more in bars and Gastropubs.

5) Healthier Food Items
Many new restaurants, bars, and gastropubs are featuring menu items that are made from local produce and locally sourced meats.  These restaurants often highlight these healthier items as major attributes to eating in their restaurants.

6) Alternative foods catering to diets and allergies
More and more restaurants are featuring items that cater to those with allergies or those sticking to a particular diet such as gluten-free items, items that have under a certain amount of calories, and items not made with diary or nuts.  Just to show how far this trend has come, try ordering your pasta dish with gluten-free pasta and you will see that many major Italian restaurants will have that available.