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Lee Ossin, Business Broker Intermediary

Lee-Ossin Orlando Business Broker

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Lee Ossin is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Business Broker at Crowne Atlantic Properties, LLC. Mr. Ossin has been in the business brokerage industry since 2004 and has worked on over 250 transactions. Currently he serves as the Vice President of the Business Brokers of Florida Association in the Central Florida area. As Vice President helps Mr. Ossin facilitate co-brokering and information exchanging among business brokers in order to help brokers in the community sell more businesses successfully throughout the region.

Business brokerage in Florida requires brokers to have a vast knowledge of many different industries in order to consistently sell a high-volume of companies. Throughout his time in business brokerage, Mr. Ossin has developed specialties in selling retail-oriented businesses such as restaurants and bars along with service-based businesses such as lawn care services, cleaning services, and property management services.

Mr. Ossin also enjoys selling light manufacturing businesses, distribution businesses, and he continues to sell numerous online retail and internet businesses. Lee Ossin is co-owner of several other businesses. This experience allows him to offer additional insight into how buyers can expand upon businesses that they are preparing to purchase as well as offering both buyers and sellers the knowledge on how to position and set up their business in preparation of a sale.

Mr. Ossin graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and a Master’s in Business Management. His world travel has helped him relate to clients from just about every corner of the world. He enjoys the process of matching buyers and sellers and finds that by knowing as few as five key parameters he can offer options on what buyers have available to them. One of his key accomplishments has been his work on the sale of multiple high profile restaurants and bars in the Orlando area. Mr. Ossin has won million dollar producer awards every year starting his second year in the industry and each year is typically ranked in the Top 5 for number of business sales in the entire state of Florida. He has also been awarded the Dealmaker Award for selling the most deals in Central Florida and the Co-broker award for most Co-brokered deals in Central Florida.  Ossin is a member of the International Business Brokers Association and also a member Business Brokers of Florida Association having served as Vice President of the for the Central Florida region for many years.  Currently Ossin sells manufacturing, construction, service, and contracting type businesses in the Florida area.

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