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Bringing Value To Your Business When Selling Businesses in Orlando

Bringing value to businesses for sale in Orlando

When buyers are looking for businesses for sale in the Orlando here are some key items that bring value to the business you’re selling.  area there are key factors that buyers are searching for.

These factors include:

1) Clear financials detailing all of the expenses, costs and profits

Business owners love hiding personal expenses and cash to avoid paying more in taxes, but the more income that is hidden, the less income that potential buyers can see. Ultimately the better your record keeping, the more you can sell your business for in Orlando.  

2) Local Branding

Local branding is important for all businesses both large and small.  While the Central Florida area continues to grow it is still a small community where many people know one another.  Excellent branding displaying a company that is well-known sets a business apart from other businesses looking to sell.  The fact that a brand is known or memorable can be a main driver to a sale.  As Orlando business brokers we love disclosing a buyer on a business for sale and hearing from buyers: “I’ve ordered from this company before, I’ve seen their signs before, I get mailed advertisements from them or they’re trucks are always driving around town.”  We know that familiarization with a local brand can easily help close a business sale.

3) A Sales Portal

A business that clearly can show potential business buyers how the business finds, receives and obtains customers is always a winner.  Orlando Business buyers like specifics when possible and if it’s not confidential knowledge that could put the business at risk, even better.  For example, if a business owner tells a potential buyer that customers come to them because they have good service, it’s an okay response. However, if a business owner tells a potential business buyer that customers come to them because their business has a strict follow up process where customers are called every 30 days for 6 months after a purchase than the business is a lot more attractive.

The more a business for sale in the Orlando and Central Florida area has it’s own branding and exclusive contracts and customers the more potential buyers will value the business.

4. Exclusive Contracts

Does your business have exclusive industry contracts that no one else in your industry is privy to?  If so, that is a large driver for business value.  In fact, there are companies in the same industry that will buy out a friendly competitor simply to obtain exclusive contracts from customers. 

5. Location 

Location is a bigger deal for some businesses than others, but if an Orlando-based business happens to have a great location, it is always a great idea to play that up.  Good locations can be considered good because they are in nice areas, in heavy traffic areas, populated areas, or they are positioned well geographically. 

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