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Downtown Restaurant sells in Orlando

A new restaurant owner in Downtown Orlando promises to keep old traditions alive while bringing new traditions to the table.  Recently Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers sold a restaurant located in the trendy part of Lake Ivanhoe near the center of Orlando.  The restaurant has a reputation spanning almost 50 years as a breakfast lunch restaurant.  Currently the business operates as a breakfast lunch restaurant serving omelets, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, fried chicken and much more.  The new owner plans to continue with that menu and down the line open up for dinner and in the evening hours.   The evening menu will be a departure from the original breakfast lunch menu.

The new owner is also contemplating an eventual name change along with their slight concept change.  For now however, they plan to operate it as a breakfast lunch restaurant closing each day at around 3pm.

When Crowne Atlantic sold the restaurant, it had to be sold confidentially as the owner did not want to worry the staff and customers with a potential sale.  The day it sold, everyone was alerted to the sale and the transition was handled smoothly.

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