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How To Buy A Franchise

Buying a franchise with assistance from a business broker is a great way to get your business started off on the right foot. A business broker franchise search will save you time and effort and provide you with expert knowledge and advice when the time comes to evaluate franchise opportunities and make a decision.

Process For Buying Franchises For Sale In Orlando

Our goal is to match you with the right business. To make that match, we use this process to help buyers find franchises for sale in Orlando:

  1. Initial Meeting. This is the time to gather information about you and your business interests. We use this data to focus our search on franchises that would be a good match for you.
  2. Evaluation. We will provide you with a list of suitable franchises for sale in Orlando. We will help you evaluate them and narrow your list down to those you want to pursue.
  3. Contact the Franchisor. We will arrange for phone or face-to-face interviews with the franchisor and help you fill out the official franchise application.
  4. Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document contains detailed financial and background information on the franchise and is extremely important to review and understand.
  5. Prep For Discovery Day. If you’ve met the criteria set by the franchisor you’ll be invited to a Discovery Day event at headquarters. This is a sign that you are a clear frontrunner for the franchise. You may even come home with a contract for your attorney to review!
  6. Make a Decision. After your research, meetings, and legal reviews, it’s time to make a decision. Your Crowne Atlantic business broker will be at your side to answer any lingering questions so you can make the right decision.
  7. Sign the Franchise Agreement and Become Your Own Boss!

If you are ready to start a franchise search, contact Crowne Atlantic Properties at 407-478-4101 We have access to franchises for sale in Orlando and across the State of Florida, increasing your chances of finding the right match.