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Getting Ready To List Your Business For Sale? 5 Reasons To Consult a Business Broker First

By April 2, 2015No Comments

Selling a business is as serious a step in your career as buying it was. You’ve likely devoted years of your life, and plenty of your finances, to the business. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, nor is it simple. Business brokers can help you negotiate the practical and the emotional aspects of selling your business while making sure you get the best deal possible.

5 Ways Business Brokers Can Help In Selling Your Business

  1. Representation. A business broker represents you to buyers. They are the first point of contact for buyers who are interested in your business and can negotiate on your behalf. They can save you from wasting time with unacceptable buyers, sending only the most serious and qualified buyers your way. Representation during negotiations can also help when things get tense and you need to maintain a good relationship with the buyer for transition purposes.
  2. Setting The Right Price. Setting the right price from Day One is essential to selling your business. Too high of a price will turn off buyers. Too low of a price will hurt you. And in either situation, you may find yourself performing more negotiations than you’d care to. Business brokers have the tools and experience needed to set the right price for your business in your market. This moves the sale process along smoothly and reduces the amount of back and forth time spent negotiating.
  3. Reduce Your Stress Level. Even if you are selling your business, you still have to run it in the meantime. Both selling a business and running it are full time jobs. A business broker can handle what they do best – selling a business, while you handle what you do best – running the business. When you list your business with a business broker, you’ll benefit from 100% attention on selling the business while you keep it up and running. Your stress level will thank you.
  4. Finding The Right Buyer. Finding a buyer isn’t the same thing as finding the right buyer. The wrong buyer can draw out the process, be a poor fit for the company culture, have plans for the business that you would not want to see come to fruition, or may require a much longer transition period than you want to provide. Business brokers can help you set up parameters for the sale and evaluate potential buyers based on those parameters as well as what the buyer brings to the table.
  5. Independent Analysis. It’s rare to see a sale where the buyer and seller agree on everything right away. It’s much more common to be faced with options, changes, and requests that all need to be evaluated. A business broker provides independent analysis of offers and requests and can advise you on solutions.

Selling Your Business With Crowne Atlantic Properties

These are just a few of the many benefits a business broker provides. To learn more about selling your business or to list your business for sale, contact Crowne Atlantic Properties at 407-478-4101.