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Crowne Atlantic History

We're an Orlando based broker that specializes in brokerage and real property sales. Learn about our background and meet our business brokers.

Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers was founded in 2004 for the main purpose of facilitating the sale of companies and businesses in Orlando, Central Florida, and the State of Florida. While the company was founded in 2004, the founders that put the company together were seasoned business brokers and commercial real estate brokers. Today Crowne Atlantic is a family-owned business that works to sell businesses in the Greater Orlando community as well as throughout the state of Florida. We have sold hundreds of businesses across the state and have worked on businesses in almost every major industry imaginable in Florida. Just to name a few industries: manufacturing, medical, wholesale, distribution, retail, service, restaurants, franchises, chains, and professional businesses. We also work with businesses that are sold with and without property. The value of these businesses could be as much as $20M or as little as $100,000.

If you have a Business For Sale, consider joining forces with Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers! Here we'll give you a little of our history.

Crowne Atlantic Properties is a Licensed Real Estate Broker which, in accordance with Florida law, is a requirement to practice as a business intermediary and broker. However, unlike the majority of standard real estate brokers in the Orlando and Florida area, Crowne Atlantic has a sole focus on helping people buy and sell companies. As a company we wanted to focus on this one process and do it better than anyone else in our community. We, as a company, never intended to be a jack-of-all-trades real estate company but instead wanted to focus on one area and do it well. Our intent is to offer a service in our industry that is unmatched by our competitors with our knowledge, experience and performance.

At Crowne Atlantic, our business brokers are also business people. Every broker at our firm has owned and run a business. As a result, each one of us is experienced in the inside knowledge of running a business which is an advantage when we are selling someone else’s business. This knowledge is also advantageous when we are helping someone purchase a business. We enjoy being a part of operations in action and working with both Buyers and Sellers, true entrepreneurs, to navigate the most successful path forward. When it comes to working with Sellers, we efficiently review current and past performance, and discuss future potential that the new owner will incur.

Our History | Crowne Atlantic

We have been in Florida for over 50 years, and our geographical and demographic knowledge of Central Florida and of the whole state can be an advantage to buyers and sellers when business sales are concerned. For example, knowing the locations of the best places to locate manufacturing, service industries, distribution centers, and the best road ways for businesses to work with give us and our clients a huge advantage. Because many of our agents are native to the area, we are also familiar with people demographics of the area and that helps us define what trends are out there now and what we can expect in the future. We work with Buyers to help formulate ideas of the optimal opportunities that are out there for them and where to find them. These tactics create an environment where our transactions have an 80% higher rate of success over brokers not experienced in the industry.

Another advantage to being a full-time business brokerage is that our agents have an excellent understanding of current markets including what buyers are looking for and what they are willing to pay for it. We also have the experience in working with Sellers to know many of the hurdles they may encounter while going through a business transaction. Understanding the business market helps us bridge gaps between Buyers and Sellers, and it is these types of actions that make the difference between “sold” deals and deals that stay on the market.

In the past 20 years, there have been massive changes in the main street business market place. Real estate prices in the state of Florida have fluctuated up and down. Buyer preferences have shifted back and forth between buying larger businesses and smaller businesses. There have also been changes in business financing affecting a bank’s ability to offer equity and SBA lending to buyers. Plus many sellers have become more optimistic over the years on the advantages of owner financing to help facilitate the sale of their business. Because we keep up to date with the current market, we always have the best information to pass onto our Buyers and Sellers. At Crowne Atlantic, we are not the type of brokers that are only active when the market is up and then leave the field when the market is poor. We have made our clients successful for years, in both good and bad markets so we are always selling companies, month after month, year after year. We have many clients that have been repeat customers buying and selling businesses with our service over the years.

When we sell businesses, every transaction is conducted with professionalism and confidentiality. We take confidentiality very seriously. We require that each buyer sign a confidentiality agreement before we even discuss anything about a business. We also establish the Buyer’s financial qualifications when looking at a business. During the closing process, we arrange closings only with attorneys whom we have worked with in the past, who are bona fide Business Attorneys that have many years of experience in handling business closings. The closing process and post-closing business operation is simple when done correctly, and very complex when not done correctly. It is important to choose the right professionals.

We have a passion to help people Buy and Sell businesses in Florida. When you are ready to Buy or Sell your business, call Crowne Atlantic. We will work hard to make the transaction as easy and successful as possible. Crowne Atlantic. We Sell Businesses. Call 407-478-4101 today!