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How Can I Sell My Business In Orlando?

If you currently own a business in the Orlando or Central Florida area and you’re asking yourself, how can I sell my business in Orlando. We can help!

Business Brokers at Crowne Atlantic Properties service the entire Central Florida area helping business owners sell their businesses every day. After selling hundreds and hundreds of businesses in the Central Florida area our firm has noticed buyer patterns over the years and while every business is different, most business buyers follow the same patterns when they look at buying a business in Orlando and Florida in general.

Selling My Business in Central Florida

Below are FOUR key items that business buyers in Orlando pay close attention to when looking to buy a business:

1) Business Financial Records
2) Business Lease and/or Real Estate
3) Equipment and Assets Included
4) Future Potential of the Business

Lets look at each of these items a bit closer:

Business buyers want to feel as comfortable as possible when they are looking at businesses to purchase. The more honest and complete the financial records are, the more honest and complete the business looks. The financials are similar to a student’s report card or an automobile’s diagnostic test. Bad financials does not equal a bad business, however if you think “what will help me sell my business in Orlando” good financials will help. This means that if you take cash jobs and do not report them on your financials…….. you will need to start doing that if you want buyers to believe how well your business performs.  Buyers will not want take your word for it even if the purchase price is lowered. It will also help if you keep track of all of your expenses in addition to your sales. This tells the working story of the business so that you the owner do not have to. Good books and records for a period of years prior to the sale of your business will help you sell your business quicker and for more money in the Greater Orlando area. This means you will want to have several years of tax records available, balance sheets, profit and loss statements and bank statements to back up these records.

2) Business Lease and/or Real Estate

Another key item buyers look at when buying a business in Orlando is the lease of the business premises for sale or the real estate that comes along with the business. How long is the lease? What are the restrictions? Is there a chance the landlord wants to sell or demolish the building the business is housed in and is the business protected if that happens? What about the real estate? Is the current value of the real estate worth way more than what the current business can support? Can a buyer get financing for the real estate? Does the real estate have any environmental issues that could prevent a sale or a buyer from getting financing?  If you’re thinking, “What else can help me sell my business in Orlando,” find out the issues surrounding your lease or real estate prior to marketing your business for sale.

It is always best to have a clean business working area and updated equipment when selling a business in Orlando.

3) Equipment and Assets Included

While business is business and some buyers claim financials are everything, there is more to a business than just having profitable financials. Buyers pay close attention to the condition of the business premises they are about to take over. This is especially the case where the business has premises or equipment that is regularly visited and seen by customers such as restaurants, bars, schools, rental facilities, manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities, and recreation businesses. If you want to do what you can to sell your business, make sure the equipment used in your business is updated. Make sure your equipment and your business premises are clean. When you think, “sell my business” think “sell my house.” If you were selling your house you would probably vacuum all the rooms, paint the walls, redo the floors and possibly upgrade some appliances and equipment. The same principle goes for businesses. Make sure your business looks its best. Make your business look like a business a buyer would want to buy.

4) Future Potential of the Business

This one is surprisingly overlooked often by potential business sellers. Often times business owners looking to sell are often selling due to lost interest or energy and sales are starting to suffer. While business buyers are open to taking over businesses that are showing declining sales and profits it is not the most ideal position for a business seller to be in. If you think, what more advantages will help me sell my business in Orlando…….. make sure to have a business that is showing viability and future potential. Business buyers want more than a business seller who claims they can earn more money by working harder. Ideally, Orlando Business buyers want a business that already is working harder and they want that hard work to be reflected in stable or increasing sales, profits and opportunities.

If you would like more information on selling your business in the Orlando or Central Florida area please call the Business Brokers at Crowne Atlantic Properties at 407-478-4101 or check out our website at

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