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Internet Based Businesses For Sale

All Businesses Below Have Been SOLD

In 2017 there are a lot of internet-based businesses for sale. Back in 2009 there were a lot of online businesses but not like there are today. Below are some examples of internet based businesses on the Florida market.

Online Business for Booking Photo Booth Rentals
This is a cool concept where the business is doing bookings for photo booth rentals. Just imagine that just 10 years ago this business probably could not have existed and here this business is eight years old and profitable.
Price: $125K with $100K down
Gross Sales: $370K
Owner’s Benefit: $63K
On Line Business for the booking / rental of photo booths for special events with current operations in 17 locations nationwide. Work from home a few hours a week and bring in income.

Auto Supply Business
This auto supply business is less of a unique listing in that we have heard of people buying auto parts online for quite sometime, either through known retailers or online retailers like Amazon. Even before that however, we all knew of people that would buy auto parts on Craigslist or Ebay. This is a great concept though and auto parts are always in demand!
Price: $225K
Gross Sales: $ 751K
Owner’s Benefit: $104K
Auto part supply business that has a great reputation in the industry. eBay store account, fully customized e-commerce website, and popular Facebook included. This business has all of the infrastructure, relationships, and processes in place for a new owner making it turn key ready. Very clean books and records. Should qualify for E2 Visa. Approximately 200k in inventory included in purchase price. Currently operates out of 4,800 square feet of space at a rent of $2,850 a month.

Retailer of Women’s Apparel
Women’s apparel is also a stronger winner on the business side. Sometimes there are fewer buyers for women’s apparel businesses because men, especially if they are not fashion conscious rule themselves out as buyers without even looking into the business. They definitely shouldn’t do that. If the business is well-run like this one it could be possible for any skilled business person to run the business effectively.
Price: $695K
Gross Sales: $2.57MM
Owner’s Benefit: $247K
Successful internet retailer of niche women’s fashion apparel. Business needs attention to SEO and marketing in order to grow sales back to historical levels and beyond. The brand has a cult following. Long-time employees who are capable of running operations are present. Founder is unable to provide necessary resources due to personal situation.

Social Media Marketing Business
Below is a very different concept where the owner uses Instagram to help people advertise and market their products. It’s actually a cutting edge idea nowadays because 10 years ago no one would have even thought this could be a thing.
Price: $449K
Gross Sales: $422K
Owner’s Benefit: $299K
Social Media Marketing opportunity using Instagram with over 6.3 million followers across 11 accounts. Marketing for Ads dealing with Health, Fitness, Supplements, Skin Care and some Beauty. Customers buy Ads as a package across all 11 accounts. Easy to operate from your Smart Phone. Home based business that enjoys long time Loyal Customers and is fun to operate.

Branded Supplement Internet Business
I’m sure you have seen supplement businesses advertised on TV and the internet. This is another supplement business. Keep in mind that many of these supplements are not manufactured in people’s basements. Many come from well-respected companies and these smaller companies re-brand and private label the supplements. So if you like supplements, this business could be a good fit for you.
Price: $1.2MM ($300K down with lender pre-qualification)
Gross Sales: $826K
Owner’s Benefit: $370K
Extremely Profitable Branded Supplement Internet Business. Established since 2013 supplying its own brand of dietary supplements to a specialized niche & general market with worldwide distribution. Great profit margins. Owner benefit $370k in 2016. Perfect books & records. Tremendous growth opportunity. Relocatable anywhere in the US. No A/R. Easy to run. 3-year growth trend. All products contract manufacturing in the US. Lender pre-qualified.

Internet Brand Name of After-Market Motorcycle Parts with E-commerce Store
This is a strong looking business with the owner’s benefit income close to a million. People also love motorcycles. Motorcycles just like cars and pets have their own group of loyal followers. Motorcyle riders generally take care of their vehicles so selling them parts that can help keep everything together is always a great idea.
Price: $5.9MM (including 2.4MM in inventory)
Gross Sales: $2.9MM
Owner’s Benefit: $942K
Internet brand name motorcycle aftermarket parts retailer with high traffic E-Commerce store. Huge warehouse. Huge new inventory included! All parts from spark-plugs to rolling chassis and full custom bike kits, also selling metric cruiser parts. Long term, well trained staff/perfect vendors. Excellent opportunity to take over a 23-year-old successful tried and true well known business. 2 websites,5 eBay stores,2 Amazon stores and other online marketing.

Nationally Recognized Branded Fitness Product Line
Fitness products always do well as an online business. This internet business for sale sells fitness gear and products mostly online.
Price: $3.1MM
Gross Sales: $7MM
Owner’s Benefit: $751K
Nationally recognized branded fitness product line. Multiple sales channels mainly through direct e-commerce & dealer websites (~87% of sales), amazon/prime (~8%), & local store (~5%). Strong social media presence 240k followers & high-quality email list 100k. Well streamlined processes/technology enable seamless growth. Customers include commercial gyms, military, universities, sports teams, regional dealers, & individuals. 2017 annualized off rolling 11-month June 2016 – April 2017

Online Wholesaler of Beads
We love this online store for sale as they take an old school products and use the latest technology to sell them. People have been using beads in the apparel industry for centuries. These folks simply took their entire business online and no longer do retail. It’s more efficient that way and they have a much larger audience.
Price: $1.4MM ($350K down with a lender pre-qualification)
Gross Sales: $1.2MM
Owner’s Benefit: $388K
25yr old Wholesaler of beads and findings with over 10,000 products in inventory. 95% of sales are through online customers. Business has strong following with 3 websites coming with the business. Great financial records in quickbooks.

These are confidential business sales so if you would like more information on these or other online stores and Internet businesses for sale on the Florida market, let us know. You can reach us at 407-478-4101.