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Orlando Business Brokers Get Higher Premiums For Business Sellers In Greater Orlando Area

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Orlando Business Brokers Get Higher Premiums Than Others When Selling Businesses in Orlando.

Did you know that Orlando Business Brokers can get higher premiums for Central Florida businesses over outside area brokers? If there’s one thing business buyers will pay an extra premium for it is location. Business brokers working in the Central Florida and Orlando area understand the concept of Orlando being a great location for business. So much so that we outperform business brokers who are located outside of the area.


Just like in real estate location does matter to a degree. It’s not that buying a business for sale in Orlando isn’t all about the financial numbers. It is! At the same time if a buyer sees two different manufacturing facilities with similar financial numbers, they will probably opt for the manufacturing business is for sale in the Orlando area if the other one is located elsewhere. The buyer might even pay a premium. Why? What makes Orlando so special? What is it that the outsider business brokers do not understand?

Orlando-based Business Brokers

The majority of Orlando Business Brokers at Crowne Atlantic are native to the Orlando and Central Florida area and we understand what the brokerages that operate nationally and out-of-town and out-of-state do not. They do not see the appeal to the area in addition to all of the advantages.

Local Strategy For Selling Central Florida Businesses

As local Central Florida business brokers and business owners ourselves we interact with other business owners in the Greater Orlando community. We interact with all sorts of business buyers for all kinds of businesses for sale on the Orlando Business For Sale Marketplace. That gives us an advantage over outsider business broker agents because often times business buyers are focused more on a business opportunity with the right numbers in a great location over a business opportunity in a specific industry. This gives the Orlando Business Brokers at Crowne Atlantic a huge strategic advantage because business buyers searching for businesses in the Orlando area will phone us on multiple business opportunities spanning different industries. After all, these business buyers want to ultimately live and have access in the Greater Orlando and Central Florida area. Take your pick as to the specific reasons, it could be related to work, travel, schools, family, location, or travel.

Orlando Restaurant For Sale Specialists

Business Selling Premiums In Orlando

Because of these benefits there are many businesses selling in the Orlando area that can get a premium when they sell. That is because there are only so many businesses for sale in the marketplace. You want to go with a business broker in Orlando that understands that market to make sure that a business opportunity in Orlando is priced correctly. You also want a broker that understands people prefer a business in a great location than an even greater business in a not-so-great location.

Selling A Business In Orlando

That is why when selling a business in Orlando your best advantage is to find an Orlando-based business broker that can offer business buyers options, especially if you have a business that’s hard to categorize. You want an Orlando business broker that can explain to a business buyer what your business does, why it’s a great deal and why a business buyer should purchase it. A business broker that simply takes on as many listings as possible to claim they have more listings than anyone simply won’t do because they will not have the time to give the attention that your business requires to sell.

Manufacturing Companies Located in Central Florida are extremely popular with Business Buyers.

If you’re looking to sell your business and your business is located in the Greater Central Florida area, contact us at 407-478-4101.

We have business broker
brokers networking and selling businesses in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Brevard, Marion, Lake, Volusia, and Polk Counties.

If you would like more information on selling your business in Orlando or in the Central Florida region, call the Business Brokers at Crowne Atlantic serving the Greater Orlando area at 407-478-4101.

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