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Pizza Restaurants for sale in Orlando, Florida

As main street business brokers, one of the biggest requests we receive is for Pizza and Italian restaurants.   At Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers, we know that Buyers love these types of restaurants.  They are easily identifiable to most Americans and most Americans know how they like their Italian food and how they like their pizza.   This is one of the reasons why we, as business brokers get so many requests for Pizza and Italian Restaurants.

When a buyer looks at pizza and Italian restaurants for sale in the Orlando area, they will find these restaurants fall mostly into four categories.

1) The first category is the Take-out and Delivery Pizza category.  These shops are typically smaller and have very little to no seating at all.  Their sales are derived either from a high traffic area or from deliveries normally based on advertising.  Take-out and delivery pizza restaurants can be very profitable particularly by keeping low overhead.  There are no tables to wash, no servers to manage, and many times drivers are paid a nominal wage, use their own vehicles, and make their money off of customer tips.  They basically take the most profitable aspects of the pizza business and run with it.  Papa Johns, Dominoes, and other pizza franchises use this model.  It works for both franchises and independent restaurants.

2) The second category is the small pizza/ Italian restaurant.  Normally these restaurants have anywhere from 10 to 70 seats.  They focus on pizza, but also on Italian dishes both simple and complicated.  Chicken Parmesan, Rigatoni, Pasta and Meatballs, and Stromboli in addition to pizza are typically found on the menu.  Customers like the small Italian atmosphere when it comes to dine-in and business buyers like them for the same reason.  Typically these restaurants do a form of take-out or delivery business unless they are in an extremely high walking traffic area or they are more of a fine-dining Italian restaurant.  In most cases their extra profit is made from the delivery and take-out business, however the dine-in business is more coveted by both Business Buyers and Sellers.

3) The third category is your large pizza and Italian restaurants.  Many of these restaurants profit from both their pizza and their Italian food.  These restaurants typically have close to 100 seats or more.  In the Orlando and Central Florida area, these restaurants typically sell more wine and beer and have a good amount of dine-in business.  If they have more than 150 seats, they typically sell full liquor and many times customers have the option of sitting at a bar if they want.  Some of these larger restaurants have delivery and some of them do not, however most of them still offer take-out and some will offer delivery through another delivery service.  These restaurants for sale typically make the most money out of the four categories, but they also have the highest overhead and require the most amount of capital. The benefit of these investments is that when Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers sells a restaurant of this proportion to a Buyer, we know that they will be earning close to a 6-figure income or even more.

4) The fourth category is the one least talked about, but one that we as business brokers get constantly.  At Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers we get requests on a weekly basis for Italian and Pizza restaurants that have fallen into trouble.  Buyers go crazy for pizza and Italian restaurants that are not making it or are only making a small profit as they hope they can pick up these restaurants for a smaller price.  The reality is however that most buyers are not up for the challenge and it is really only those that have restaurant experience that should look at these opportunities.  Over the years, Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers has sold hundreds of Italian and pizza restaurants in these struggling positions, but they typically take the most amount of effort on the Buyer’s part out of the four categories.

If you’re a buyer and you’re looking for a pizza or an Italian restaurant for sale in the Orlando or Central Florida area.  Call Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers at 407-478-4101 or check out Italian and Pizza Restaurants for sale on our website at