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Selling a Small Business In Orlando, Florida

Small Print and Graphic Shop with Equipment for Sale

Selling a Small Business In Orlando, Florida

As well-known business brokers in the Orlando area we get approached often by friends, friends of friends, and sometimes complete strangers asking us about selling businesses in Orlando. Many of the questions include, but are not limited to:

1) Do you think anyone would like to buy my business?

2) Do you think my Orlando business would be sellable?

3) Is there anyone in Orlando searching for businesses that are selling?

4) What do you think my business is worth if I wanted to sell my business in Orlando?

5) What are buyers looking for when they look at businesses for sale?

6) Do you have any businesses for sale in the Orlando area that we should be looking to buy?

Selling A Small Business In Orlando

The answers to all of these questions are very simple because the reality is there is typically a person for every seat! One of things that we as Orlando Business Brokers say all the time, “if the business makes money, it is worth taking a look at it.” Many small business buyers in the Central Florida area take the same approach.

Would Anyone Like to Buy Your Business?

Ultimately most buyers want a good business to purchase plain and simple. There are a number of reasons why people would prefer to buy a business in Orlando instead of starting from scratch. Many business buyers flat out do not have the time, confidence, patience, money or the know-how to build a business up from scratch. If business buyers in Orlando can find a good business to purchase that is already established, this can be a better play for them in the long and short-run.

Is Your Business Sellable?

Our answer to the business sellable questions are that most businesses we see are sellable for at least something. Amazingly we meet with potential business sellers all the time who do not realize their business can be sold, even though it is profitable. Bottom line, if the business is profitable and makes money, it is worth speaking to a business broker in Orlando about it. Most business brokers in Central Florida do not charge any upfront fees to speak or meet with potential business sellers and with the right information can sometimes give business owners an idea of the value of their business. If a broker does charge an upfront fee for a valuation in Central Florida, then perhaps you should meet with a business broker in Orlando who does not first. Some business brokers sell valuations for up to $40,000. Why spend the money when you can get the same information for little to no cost from a better, more qualified local Orlando Business Broker? Most business brokers in the Florida area work on a performance-based fee system with little to no upfront money.

Are there business buyers in Orlando searching for Orlando-based businesses for sale?

There are always buyers searching for businesses for sale on the Orlando Business For Sale Marketplace. If a deal is good and priced right, there are typically potential interested business buyers.

What is my business worth if I were to sell my small business in Orlando?

Valuations unfortunately are not as scientific as they can be when leasing or selling real estate. Valuing businesses always seems to be more of an art than a science. Most small businesses sell based on a factor of seller’s discretionary earnings or cash flow. Business Brokers in Florida call this cash flow number an owner’s benefit. Most small business buyers in Orlando and Central Florida are hoping a return on investment (ROI) that can justify that they are better off purchasing a business than starting from scratch. Valuations vary depending on the business, but most seasoned business brokers in Orlando can give business sellers an idea once they have some key information.

Selling A Small Business in Orlando, Florida

What are buyers looking for when searching businesses for sale in Orlando?

Most buyers want businesses with good books and records, a clear business structure that they can follow and feel they can manage and an ROI that makes financial sense to the point where buyers want to move forward with a purchase offer.

Do we have businesses that current business owners want to purchase?

All the time! In fact, many of our best customers are business buyers who own multiple businesses in the Orlando, Central Florida area and other areas.

For more information on selling a small business in the Orlando or Central Florida area call the Orlando Business Brokers at Crowne Atlantic at 407-478-4101 or check out our website at

We also sell businesses in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Polk, Brevard, Marion, Volusia, and Lake Counties.

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