When looking to sell a business in the Orlando and Central Florida area during unprecedented times there are a few different ways to help your business sell. In the last 15 years the Central Florida area has been hit by harsh storms and depleting recessions. These events would affect businesses for months and sometimes years afterwards. In the more present time we realize that shutting businesses down for a couple months due to national health concerns is now a reality.

Whether there is a hurricane, a recession, a real estate drought or a health issue that threatens business in Orlando, there is always still a market for selling businesses. Buyers are always looking for potential deals. Some opportunistic buyers even feel that buying in a down economy is more advantageous for them. When it comes to sellers, many have planned on selling their Orlando based businesses for years and feel that a single event should not prevent their plans from moving forward. Below are 5 ways to help your business sell during unprecedented times in the Orlando area.

1) If it is possible to keep your business open in any capacity, keep it open.

Obviously in unprecedented times some businesses have to shut down. In the past hurricanes and other larger storms have shut businesses down due to safety or power outages. Potential business buyers will study closely how a business performs during a crises period. After all, most buyers will feel that if they see a business weather a catastrophic event that this might be an example of the worst they would potentially experience. If you can stay open, even at a half capacity, stay open. It will look better if you can stay open. If you have to close, do whatever you can to preserve the integrity of the business as far as keeping up with the premises and doing what is in your power to take care of your employees and customers in whatever capacity you can.

2. Be prepared to show financials.

Financials have always been important for business buyers to see. Most buyers look at financials as a type of cliff notes to help them quickly understand how a business works. Be prepared to show year after year comparisons on your financials. For example, if you are showing your business for sale to a buyer in May, and there has been an unprecedented event, be prepared for buyers to ask for financials from January to May from the current year and January to May for the year prior. Orlando business buyers will want to compare financials numbers to see how the business weathered the storm or any other event. If your business is shut down for a period of time buyers will definitely expect your financial numbers to be up to date because they will feel the sellers have more time to put the financials together.

3. Make sure there are plans in place for your employees.

Some businesses have more options than others, but business buyers will examine how you treated your employees during unprecedented times. If the business stayed open were you able to give the consistent work and consistent pay? Did you provide them with any private assistance? If workers had to be furloughed did you the owner of the business provide any assistance to help ensure your workers applied for and received those benefits. Often times workers do come back to work for businesses when economies pick up so as a business owner and especially one looking to sell a business it is important to makes those employees feel valuable because both a business buyer and a business seller will want those employees to essentially come back to work.

4. Make your business stands out during the unprecedented period.

There are many ways businesses try to stand out during times of crisis. Some businesses sponsor special causes or events. For example, a restaurant might bring catered lunches to medical staffs or they might deliver critical living supplies to homeless shelters. Some businesses even offer delivery or special take out services to help gain more potential customers. One should always work to make their business stand out from the crowd. It is especially important during times of crises. Sometimes it is as simple as sending all of your customers an email and wishing them well and either stating your company is open or your company is opening and servicing customers soon.

5. Determine whether or not your business selling in Orlando is thought to be critical or nonessential and follow the necessary protocols.

Is your business one that stays open regardless of the environment at hand? If so you want to make sure that all the equipment and people are in place to handle events at the time when they occur. That means having the right insurance, the right emergency protocols and the right supplies. Does your company have some emergency gallons of gas in the event gas stations shut down. Does your company have the right safety to weather the event at hand whether the equipment is masks, food, batteries or other necessities. If you business does have to shut down for a period of time during an unprecedented event it is important that the business still continues to be cared for. Perhaps this is a great time to paint walls, retrain some workers, or take some online business courses for yourself. As an example, a road construction company might find that an economy temporarily shut down might provide them with an excellent chance to handle more projects while taking advantage of less populated highways.

Putting all of these processes and thoughts to work can help Orlando area business sellers market their businesses for sale during unprecedented times. If you’re asking yourself, can I sell my business in Orlando during tough economic times the answer is yes. Check out these ways to help a potential sale and if you have any questions on selling your business in the Greater Orlando area or throughout Central Florida call the business for sale experts at Crowne Atlantic at 407-478-4101.

Asking Price: $550,000

Cash Flow: $203,571

Gross Revenue:

FF&E: $100,000

Inventory: $7,000

Established: 2007

High-end and Commercial Glass Business For Sale In Orlando Florida
Glass Business for sale in Orlando, Florida. Business handles mostly commercial and some high-end residential projects in the Greater Central Florida area. There is a talented staff in place and the business does not do any advertising. Their projects include designs and installs dealing with anything Glass including windows, shower doors, mirrors, along with other glass related projects. Business includes 2 trucks, 2 vans, and two sales/manager vehicles. Business has good books and records. For more information please call 407-478-4101.

Location: Orlando, FL
Inventory: Included in asking price
Employees: 10
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E): Included in asking price
Facilities: 7,400 square-foot office warehouse where 2,000 of that square footage is office space. The real estate is also available for sale for an additional $750,000.
Competition: Business has a loyal base of customers that require glass every year and consistently order.
Growth & Expansion: Business continues to take on new customers each year with new and exciting projects. Over time these customers continue to seek out their services when they need them down the road.
Financing: Owner is open to financing a portion of the purchase price for a qualified buyer.
Support & Training: Owner will work with the buyer to help make a smooth transition into the business.
Reason for Selling: Owner is looking to retire.

Using an Orlando Business Broker actually from Orlando gives you a huge strategic advantage.  It’s the advantage of location.
How many Orlando Business Brokers can say they were originally from Orlando?  At Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers, our key partners are natives of Orlando.  We know the layout and the history of the land better than other Orlando Business Brokers. This is a key element when choosing to sell your business in Orlando because very few business brokers can convey to buyers the history behind the specific areas they are buying in.

Knowing the history and nuances of the Orlando and Central Florida market helps our Orlando business brokerage articulate the future of each area as well.  This becomes important when looking to sell businesses to buyers who are typically only familiar with a few areas of Orlando.

How important is incorporating a business’s geographic location into marketing a business for sale?  It’s critical!  Contrary to what buyers might say, selling a business in Orlando is not just all about the numbers.  Business buyers will use financials to help price a business, but those results alone will not get a company sold.  Buyers may say things like, the business is too far from where I want to be or I do not like the area, but often times they are simply not familiar with the areas to begin with.  Business brokers with the knowledge have to point out the benefits to buyers to make sure they have all of the information.  Just the geographic location of being in Orlando is why many companies in Orlando sell verses similar businesses in other parts of the country.  Pick an industry, any industry and it’s likely that companies will pick an Orlando-based company over most cities in the Midwest, West Coast or even the Northeast.  There are only so many businesses to choose from however so if a business is for sale in a lesser known part of the Orlando area, the benefits of each area and along with the business need to be brought to a buyer’s attention otherwise buyers may glance over these advantages.

Business buyers like Orlando because it is a growing city with lots of opportunities.  Unlike other cities that have a business climate that tends to keep newcomers out, Orlando has an extremely welcoming city climate that is friendly to new businesses and new business owners.  We have a huge tourism industry, a tech industry, and a large service-based industry.  As the premier Orlando Business Brokerage, we bring our knowledge to the table to help people sell their businesses in Orlando and the surrounding areas.


If you want an Orlando Business Broker with the in-depth experience of business sales and business in Orlando call Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers at 407-478-4101.