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The Advantages of Selling A Business in Orlando

At Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers, selling businesses in Orlando is our favorite thing to do. We have sold hundreds of businesses in the Orlando area and doing so over the years has lead us to point out advantages of buyers purchasing a business in Orlando as opposed to purchasing a business in another area. These same buyer advantages are also advantages for an owner looking to sell a business in Orlando. Being Orlando natives we have the geographic and historical knowledge of the local Orlando and Central Florida areas to help our business sellers market and sell their businesses.

Here’s a list of advantages an owner has when selling a business in Orlando:

1) People want to live here.

While strong businesses can attract buyers to almost anywhere, there are few substitutes for having a business for sale located exactly where a buyer wants it to be located. Orlando has great year-round weather, tons of activities and attractions for locals, and a great economy.

2) Orlando has a welcoming business climate.

Orlando is a great place to own and market a business and because many people who reside in Orlando were originally from someplace else most can remember when they were the new kids on the block when people were welcoming to them. This culture of welcoming continues on with the new generations that relocate here.

3) Orlando has international recognition.

It may sound cheesy, but the fact that Orlando has international fame does help business owners sell their businesses. Just the shear fact that Orlando can see 60 to 70 million visitors a year increases the chance that a potential buyer coming to Orlando for one reason be it a vacation or a convention that they might search for a business while visiting as well.

4. Centralized location in a popular state.

When one studies a map of Florida, Orlando can be found in the center of one of the nations most populous states. It is a city that lies in the middle of multiple port cities and has easy access to roadways, railroads and one of the busiest airports in the country. Anyone looking to get a foothold in Florida or the Southeast and wants to expand could gain a lot traction by having a location and doing business in Orlando.

5) Constant and increasing populations to cater to.

Orlando’s population continues to grow at a fast pace. The surrounding areas of Orlando including areas such as the I-4 Corridor, Osceola County, The Villages and Lake Nona (part of Orlando) are huge population centers of growth in the area. Areas within Orlando are constantly being redeveloped and renovated leaving plenty of opportunity for anyone to get into business and expand simply due to an increasing population.

These are just a few of the advantages that help business owners in the Orlando area sell their businesses. If you or anyone you know are selling a business in Orlando, call Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers for a FREE evaluation at 407-478-4101 or check our website at