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The Advantages of using a Buyer’s Broker when buying a business.

The Advantages of Using a Buyer's Broker when buying a business in Orlando, Florida

When looking to purchase a business in the Orlando and Central Florida area, many buyers don’t know where to start. In most cases they start looking things up online and ending up speaking with whomever they speak with. There’s a quicker and more efficient way however that most buyers do not even know or think about. Instead of blindly searching through countless webpages, they can opt to hire a Buyer’s broker. The best part of the arrangement is that the Buyer’s broker will charge the buyer absolutely nothing for the use of their services and expertise if the businesses they are looking at are already listed. Most businesses found advertised openly are represented by brokers and in most cases a Buyer’s business broker can help a buyer search efficiently and save them an incredible amount of time.

Below are some of the major advantages of using a Buyer’s Broker when buying a business.

1) Expert Guidance at no cost.

A buyer’s broker can offer a business buyer advice backed by long years of experience for FREE! In Florida the typical business for sale listing states that the seller is responsible for the paying the commission upon the sale. So the buyer is paying the fee along with the purchase price of the business regardless, therefore they might as well opt for the free personalized assistance and counseling.

2) Up to date sales comparisons and past comparable business transactions.

In Florida most major business brokers belong to a business broker multiple listing system. They belong to other business broker associations as well. If a seller claims their business is worth a certain amount, past sale comparisons is one of the biggest weapons a business buyer could have. Business brokers have access to all kind of this information and in many cases can be used to help buyers obtain a more reasonable price more in line with the going rate that other buyers pay when purchasing a business.

3) Better price negotiation.

In addition to bringing sales comparisons and past sale comparisons to the table, using a business brokers to help negotiate the deal brings the business buyer a huge advantage. For one thing, business brokers can be used to pick up the slack and help keep the transaction moving. If a seller is busy or feels that certain information is unimportant, the buyer can ask the business broker to continue to pursue the information until it is received. After all, one of the goals of the buyer is to maintain good relations with the seller, but they cannot do that if they are seen as an aggressor that continuously hassles the seller. Using a buyer’s broker also keeps the deal very professional. Sellers, landlords, accountants, and lawyers will definitely know that a buyer is more serious about the deal if they hire their own agent to help them. They will be much more motivated to help put information together for a buyer knowing that a broker will continue to pursue the information on the buyer’s behalf. One of the biggest things we encounter as business brokers at Crowne Atlantic is many times we will visit Sellers looking to sell and they freely admit they overpaid for the business when they purchased it and almost always they were not working with a buyer’s broker. Had they been working with a buyer’s broker it’s likely that they would have focused more on all the most important elements leaving their broker to help with the minor elements and they could have obtained a better deal. In other cases I’ve found that buyers assume if they deal with one buyer’s broker that they can get a better deal and in some instances force the broker to give up part of their fee to make the deal work. However in reality, we’ve never seen that as the case. In fact in many instances when agents at Crowne Atlantic have brought buyers to other broker listings our buyers have gotten incredible deals. This sometimes happens because the sellers had told their agents what they would and would not accept, but we as the buyer’s agent never received that speech and simply presented an unbiased offer to the seller. In a lot of cases these offers are accepted.

4) Access to an expert network.

This is especially important for business buyers who are relocating from outside of the area or those that have never bought a business before. Business brokers in the area will typically have access to some of the best experts to assist buyers that purchase businesses. They know who the best and most inexpensive attorneys, accountants, builders, contractors, repair techs, suppliers, venders, and liquidators in the area. In many cases we recommend local professionals for jobs all the time, especially when we’ve seen them help our clients in the past.

5) Search and examine more businesses at a quicker pace.

If you’re a buyer looking for a business in Florida, one of the biggest advantages the business broker system has in Florida is that there is a multiple listing system set up in Florida that allows business brokers access to thousands of businesses for sale across the state. A buyer’s broker can help buyers narrow down options and focus on businesses that would suit them the best. Buyer’s brokers can show their listings and other brokers’ listings with a few clicks on the computer. At Crowne Atlantic Brokers we can pinpoint exactly what buyers want based on some of the key qualifications. Many of these buyers would have to wait weeks to receive the information that business brokers could obtain for them within an hour or two. For example a buyer can call up Crowne Atlantic and we can narrow down all the businesses that fit within their parameters in just a little bit of time for the whole market. We can inform buyers which businesses put everything on their tax records and which ones don’t and we can even give them an idea in what part of town each business is located in.

If you need assistance in your search for the right business, call Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers or 407-478-4101 or search the current business for sale market at