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The End Result – Getting Your Business Sold In Orlando Central Florida

Sell My Business in Orlando Central Florida Business Broker Crowne Atlantic Properties

When it comes to selling businesses in the Orlando and Central Florida area, only the end result counts, and that’s selling your business. Throughout the years, technology has improved, but the tried and true methods of selling a business in Florida still reign true. Buyers are looking for businesses with a process that they can understand, as well as sellers and brokers that are honest and transparent. This means that buyers want clear record keeping, they want to speak with a broker who is insightful and presents helpful information and ultimately they want tangible facts. Lastly, they want to speak with the seller of the business.

At Crowne Atlantic, our business broker agents value quality over quantity. Instead of trying to get every listing possible we prefer to work with fewer listings so we can spend more time with each business for sale. This is because selling a business is much more than just posting business for sale advertisements, displaying them for sale, and hoping a few of them stick and someone calls. When a buyer contacts a business broker in Orlando, it’s always best when the agent emails and speaks with these potential buyers over the phone first about the business. When disclosed, a great business broker delivers professionally prepared information to the buyer. Does every business broker agent follow this process? Surprisingly no!

At Crowne Atlantic confidentiality is our number one priority and when our business brokers are contact by potential buyers we make sure to speak with them before we send out any information. We make sure potential buyers are identified properly, qualified, and are properly briefed on the business. We make professional information packages for all of our listings so we can present this complete information to interested buyers. Instead of just sending financials, we deliver information that tells the story of the business and offers the dynamics that make the business valuable. Our brokers want to make sure that not only do we know who we are sending confidential information to but that have an idea of what the business does, what it’s potential is and reasons as to why buyers would want to purchase the business.

There are many business broker firms that advertise better technology, more listings than anyone, or more agents than anyone else. The reality is that none these attributes help your end result which is getting your business sold. Ultimately it is good communication and the transfer of relevant information between a buyer, the business broker and a seller, that gets businesses sold. This is what we do at Crowne Atlantic. The process does not happen automatically. This is how we get businesses sold in the Orlando and Central Florida Area.

If you or someone you know is looking to sell a business in Orlando or Central Florida call the business brokers at Crowne Atlantic and we will provide you with helpful information that is on point and current and we will help you achieve the end result……selling your business. We can be reached at 407-478-4101 or check out our website at