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The Most Important Tip When Selling Your Business In Central Florida

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The Most Important Tip When Selling Your Business In Central Florida

When you are looking to sell your business in the Central Florida and Orlando area the most important thing is make your business look the way you would want to see it if you were the business buyer. So if you would want to see a clean workspace with a lot of activity and you would want to financials accurately documented on the corporate tax records……… this is likely what potential business buyers will want to see when they look at your business. This is the most important piece of advice that we give to business owners looking to sell a business in the Orlando area. We recommend business owners imagine themselves as potential business buyer. Ask yourself, if you were a buyer and knew little about a seller’s business or even if you knew a lot about the seller’s business, what would you want to see? What would your expectations be?

Tip to selling a business in Orlando

At Crowne Atlantic, our business brokers in Central Florida work with potential business sellers to go over the items that are most important to business buyers. All too often we encounter business owners that have issues in their business that could be considered big drawbacks or turnoffs by buyers. Some of these turnoffs may include, the business not documenting all of the sales and profits and tax records and taking cash. Other buyer turnoffs might include a non-secure lease where a business owner just rents month to month and might have to relocate. These are just some examples of situations that can concern Buyers when they are looking at a business.

Buyers want to see a stable operation with a stable location when they take over a business. We find sellers that say things like, “if you find a person who knows the business they’ll understand.” The reality is however that business buyers do hold business sellers up to a higher standard the same way any buyer would when they make a purchase. For example, if a person is looking to purchase a home they would prefer the home they see to be neat, tidy, painted, and in working order. If not, these issues will surely be reflected in the buyer’s offer. The same goes for when a Business Buyer looks at a business. If everything is in order with books and records and the premises are at least moderately organized, depending on the business, it will make for an easier business sale and will likely sell for a higher price. Sellers should position their business in such a way that they would find it attractive if they were a buyer and were not familiar with the business.

When business owners in Orlando want to sell their business, it is always good for them to remember that potential Business Buyers are no different than their current customers. Often times business owners forget this because they can find themselves in a deal making mode. Treating potential business buyers as a typical customer of the business can put things in a different light for many business sellers. Just like any of the customers a business sells to, business sellers will want their business to reflect how great their product or service is. Items that might seem trivial, like clean business workspace, do in fact matter. Clean books and records matter. A defined system where a business buyer can easily see themselves running a business does matter to business buyers in the Orlando area. Ultimately sellers want to create the business environment they would want to see if they were looking to buy a business. The more they can create this environment the more buyers will be attracted to their business and the more money they will be willing to offer.

For more tips on selling a business in the Central Florida or Greater Orlando area check out our website at When you’re selling a business in Central Florida or phone the Central Florida Business Brokers at Crowne Atlantic.

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