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The Native Orlando Business Broker – The Advantage of Location

Using an Orlando Business Broker actually from Orlando gives you a huge strategic advantage.  It’s the advantage of location.
How many Orlando Business Brokers can say they were originally from Orlando?  At Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers, our key partners are natives of Orlando.  We know the layout and the history of the land better than other Orlando Business Brokers. This is a key element when choosing to sell your business in Orlando because very few business brokers can convey to buyers the history behind the specific areas they are buying in.

Knowing the history and nuances of the Orlando and Central Florida market helps our Orlando business brokerage articulate the future of each area as well.  This becomes important when looking to sell businesses to buyers who are typically only familiar with a few areas of Orlando.

How important is incorporating a business’s geographic location into marketing a business for sale?  It’s critical!  Contrary to what buyers might say, selling a business in Orlando is not just all about the numbers.  Business buyers will use financials to help price a business, but those results alone will not get a company sold.  Buyers may say things like, the business is too far from where I want to be or I do not like the area, but often times they are simply not familiar with the areas to begin with.  Business brokers with the knowledge have to point out the benefits to buyers to make sure they have all of the information.  Just the geographic location of being in Orlando is why many companies in Orlando sell verses similar businesses in other parts of the country.  Pick an industry, any industry and it’s likely that companies will pick an Orlando-based company over most cities in the Midwest, West Coast or even the Northeast.  There are only so many businesses to choose from however so if a business is for sale in a lesser known part of the Orlando area, the benefits of each area and along with the business need to be brought to a buyer’s attention otherwise buyers may glance over these advantages.

Business buyers like Orlando because it is a growing city with lots of opportunities.  Unlike other cities that have a business climate that tends to keep newcomers out, Orlando has an extremely welcoming city climate that is friendly to new businesses and new business owners.  We have a huge tourism industry, a tech industry, and a large service-based industry.  As the premier Orlando Business Brokerage, we bring our knowledge to the table to help people sell their businesses in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

If you want an Orlando Business Broker with the in-depth experience of business sales and business in Orlando call Crowne Atlantic Business Brokers at 407-478-4101.